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Or the act of sending a commercial message promoting your business, typically to a group of people, about the goods or services you offer. Using computer and emails, you can reach people for your marketing and advertising as it is an important aspect of business promotion ranging to an international level. Every email that is sent to potential customers can be considered email marketing. This email involves request business, donations, and solicitations for building loyalty brand awareness and trust.There are many ways of email marketing, one of it is done by simply placing marketing messages on an ad at the bottom of your emails. This approach is the same as the act of taking an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. But, there are also issues in viewing and receiving this kind of emails as it is referred to as “unsolicited emails” especially when people did not request the information through email.This makes your emails to be viewed as spam and you could lose permissions to your accounts. In some countries, it is considered a crime and your website will be shut down. It is important that your potential and current customers give you permission to send marketing emails to them. Email marketing is one way of communication too. It is much cheaper and instead of your customer coming to you, you can directly have access to your customer. It can be a very successful method of marketing when done properly.

Types Of Email Marketing

kinds of email marketing

Direct Email – format for an email-based campaign that contains promotional messages sent to the targeted customer and potential customer encouraging them to view your website and buy your products. It often includes mechanism providing the sender with feedbacks or you can use coupons and special offers toward the purchase. This messages can be an HTML, text or a web page. Direct email marketing is usually opt-in emails that make it different from spam or sophisticated emails. You can also use techniques like customer segmentation to ensure that the message is sent to appropriate group of recipients. The concept behind direct email marketing to make your targeted customer interested in receiving those messages is by sending attractive, compelling ads, and professional emails.

Retention Email – It is an entertaining email for the purpose of retaining your existing customers as customers. It is more than just a sales message but providing a detailed information for your valued customers. It can be a newsletter or in a form of an advertisement. Emails must have a clear objective with a concise subject line for catching your customers attention. Cultivating a long lasting relationship in every interaction with the consumer is very important. The vital role in consumer retention is by finding the right strategy in email marketing. One wrong email can draw away a customer. Always make a connection with your customer and motivate them to stay active by meeting their needs.

 It is commonly known as piggybacking. You pay someone working at your partner company and placing your advertisement in their emails. Email newsletter allows you to utilize it freely.


Why We Use Email Marketing Sevices

Email marketing can play a huge role in your business regardless on how big or how small your business is. Regularly sending periodic emails and newsletters about your business can help you keep your loyal customers and by expanding your contact list, you can also attract new potential customers.

The ROI (return on investment)  data shows how effective is email marketing. According to e-marketer, for email is 122 percent and over four times that of search and display in social media. McKinsey quoted “Email is 40 times better at acquiring new customers as Twitter and Facebook combined. It’s no wonder marketers depend on it.”

There are a lot of email marketing services online. You can also use email marketing software in extending your digital reach, improvise your email contents make full use of your time. Most of the email marketing services offers are the same. Modern templates, editors, drive conversion tools and features targeting specific demographics. They also offer a bypass spam filter feature that improves your email effectiveness. They all tend to market in the same way. They are claiming that they’re crafting and tracking much effective email campaign. But they are not wrong to some extent. The nuance on who’s the best is: who’s service gives out the most, comparing templates and tools to analytics.

Being a tech savvy is an advantage because designing emails and newsletters takes a lot of time. But using email marketing services and software, you can easily access their featured modern templates that can be resized according to the reader opening your email on your computer, tab or mobile. This email marketing program has built-in sign-up forms that can help you grow your audience on your blog or social media pages. Other offers advanced options like custom email design, surveys, and social media monitoring. This gives you more ideas on how your email campaign affects your customer’s perception and habits.

Some email marketing services are free but, they certainly have a limit on how many emails you can send in a month. Even paid subscription only offer plans like Pinpointe, their lowest-priced plan having 5000 lists of contacts is limited to 40, 000 emails per month. You can also try those companies that offer flexible pricing plans if you only send emails occasionally.

Top List of Email Marketing Service Provider Review

♦ MailChimp –Low-Cost Plan, begins at $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

♦ Aweber – Low-Cost Plan, Unlimited emails, begins at $19 per month up to 500 contacts.

♦ Benchmark – Google analytics tracking.

♦ Campaigner – Mobile Friendly builds, begins $19.95 per month up to 1000 contacts.

♦ iContact – Survey tool and multiple email builder.

♦ GetResponse – No message limits, begins at $15 per month up 1000 contacts.

♦ Constant Contact – Google Analytics integration and Mobile app available, begins at $15 per month up to 500 contacts.

♦ Campaign Monitor – RSS-to-email for blog broadcasts, begins at $9 per month up to 500 contacts.

♦ SendinBlue – Offers SMS campaigns, begins at $7.37 per month for 40 000 emails.


Every email marketing services have their own unique benefits it may be in email delivery, design or feature options.


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