Machine Gun Used By Las Vegas Shooter

The gunman in the Las Vegas massacre may have rigged his guns with devices that enable a shooter to fire bullets rapidly, mimicking automatic fire.

Twelve bump-fire stocks were found on firearms recovered from Stephen Paddock’s hotel room, said Jill Snyder, the special agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ San Francisco field office.

Also known by the brand name Slide Fire, bump-fire stocks, or “bump stocks,” modify such rifles as an AR-15 to “allow it to fire in rapid succession or automatic fire,” said Sam Rabadi, a retired ATF special agent.

On a night of chaos and confusion, pictures from the scene of the Las Vegas shooting emerged within minutes of the start of the shooting. That’s because photographer David Becker grabbed his camera and went to work immediately.

Despite the automatic gunfire raining down on the crowd of thousands of fleeing music fans, Mr. Becker believed the spectators were panicking at the sound of malfunctioning audio equipment. He left the media tent and stood on a table and began to shoot photos.


“After capturing photographs of the final act of the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, I headed back to the media tent to start filing my photographs,” Mr. Becker said.

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His photos brought news readers to the heart of the chaos and were beamed around the world, quickly recognized as some of the most powerful images from America’s deadliest mass shooting.

Mr. Becker, who works for Getty Images, has given his account of the evening’s tragic events. The evening began with a normal job, as he documented the Jason Aldean concert.

“After about 5-10 minutes I heard very loud popping sounds and I went outside to see what was happening and a security guy said it was just “firecrackers”, so I went back to work. The second time I heard the popping sounds somebody said to me “it was just speakers or sound equipment” and again, I went back to the media tent and continued to work. Then the noises went again and that was when the crowd started to flee.”


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