Top 5 Most Popular Smartphones in the Planet

Top 5 Best Smart Phones

These are the top 5 smartphones in the world it makes them to the top 5 because most of the users use this types of the phone because its quality and durable to use there is no doubt about it.

Samsung is the best phone to date is also the most astonishing phone we’ve ever bash eyes on and it’s now available in two new colors.

If there was a museum devoted to great smartphone design, then the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be on a pedestal in the entrance hall with a giant highlight on it. It’s that gorgeous. You may not think that’s specifically substantial, but the days when smartphones consumed most of their time buried in a pocket are a long period of time. A phone is on near-constant display: held aloft at gigs, furiously tapped on the tube, or just sitting on the desk charging. So it really ought to look good.

And hey, does the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks great. But don’t make the mistake of thinking all there is to it, because the S8 also introduces live-in phone butler Bixby, gives us Samsung’s best take on Android up to date, and packs in more power than you could possibly need. Hey, and there’s a bigger S8+, in case 5.8in just wasn’t big enough for you.

In short, it’s as close as we’ll probably ever see to the full smartphone package. Curved edges there’s only one Galaxy S8, and it’s curvy. The corners have been rounded off, which help the phone sit snugly in your hand- it’s perfect for one-handed use.

The bezels at the top and bottom of the display are perfectly slim, which has only been made possible by losing the physical home button from the front of the phone.

There is now a digital home button built into the glass and complete with a soft touch feedback whenever you prod it. It has a lot in common with the Touch ID home button on Apple iPhone 7, with vibrations letting you know when you’ve pressed hard enough to trigger a press.

Samsung doesn’t suggest you use face acknowledgment as your only layer of security because it can be fooled by someone with similar facial structure, but mostly like it, it’s easing of use. It’s more intuitive to simply look at your smartphone to unlock it, rather than having a pin code or password that sometimes the user might forget. Face recognition also for me is the safest unlock to use.

It’s tough to see how OnePlus could have made its latest and greatest flagship-killer any cheaper, without also making sacrifices to performance, design or camera quality.

I’m glad it didn’t.

The result is a fabulous all rounder that improves on its predecessor in just about every way. OK, so the price might have spiked, but you’re getting a better looking, better-made device that’s still a whole lot less cash than the high-end competition.

This really is all the phone you need. Even if you do have to pay a bit more than before to bag one.

The most popular phone that is also the latest best-selling smartphone nowadays was the iPhone 6s from apple it is because of its quality and a durable smartphone. The title of the highest smartphone in the world was the iPhone 6S, an iPhone 6s runs a processor of Apple’s a9. This phone introduced last September 09, 2015 at Apple’s event in San Francisco. “Most advanced phone ever”

The second most selling popular smartphone in the world is still from apple which is the iPhone 7 according to the IHS. The apple launched in India in October last year. iPhone 7 it introduces an advanced new camera system the brightest, most colorful display. It’s also the brightest iPhone screen yet, with a 25% boost to climax brightness which means you can now read the screen in direct sunlight. Yep, there’s finally no need to run for gradation whenever a WhatsApp message comes through.

It hasn’t had a resolution bump, in line with Apple’s feelings on Retina displays, but that’s not a major problem. Images and text still look sharp enough, even stretched over 5.5in, so while it falls behind the QHD Android competition on paper, you won’t notice the difference in the real world unless you really take a look at it.

LG’s sophisticated new phone is mostly screen – and it looks great

The LG G6 is the South Korean firm’s flagship smartphone for 2017, embrace from the innovative but unsuccessful G5.The LG G5 certainly wasn’t boring though. With two rear cameras and an accessory slot that allowed you to change the hardware, it was a phone that really thought outside the box. But with the LG G6, the brand has spoken down the ‘out-there’ change and gone for a more quietly refined design, while doing enough to make it feel like an all-new phone, a fit warrior for the special smartphone battle of 2017.The huge display on the front is complemented by a large battery, water-resistant chassis, and new interface.

The P10 Plus is Huawei’s best phone yet. It takes the decent P10 and improves it in a variety of ways.

It’s the camera is excellent in both light and dark scenarios, battery life is impressive and it comes with a generous amount of storage. It’s the first Huawei handset that can easily oppose with big-name flagships such as the LG G6iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

It isn’t perfect there are a few frustrating mistakes along the way but with the P10 Plus, Huawei has taken a remarkable step forward from churning out forgettable budget phones.


Some people also a big fan of the gestures that Huawei has built into the button. Alongside acting as the home button, a lighter tap takes you back and a swipe across the pad brings up the multitasking menu.


It’s all very intuitive, and it removes the need for any on-screen buttons on the display, resulting in slightly more screen real estate. Even if you find it odd at first, stick with it after a few hours use, it will become second nature.

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